Digital Processes


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Digital Processes

If you want to future-proof your company, you need intelligent yet simple processes. Digital transformation requires a unified leadership team, technological innovation and agile employees.

Purple Bird Technology supports companies in designing their processes in a holistic and future-proof manner and in using digital transformation to enable leaps in development.



Automation solutions are capable of independently solving tasks or problems of a constant or changing nature, thus relieving employees and making processes more efficient. Find out where you have automation potential.

Intelligent Process Design

Often, processes have grown organically with stand-alone software solutions. The revision of processes results in simplifications and efficiency gains as well as the possibility to better support them with new software solutions.

Software Standardization

The harmonization of the system landscape is a great gain in efficiency increase but also in cost reduction. Let us advise you on how you can take advantage of these opportunities.


Purple Bird Technology has years of expertise in migration. One often overlooked key factor in securing employee adoption is smooth migration planning and execution.


The digital solutions have been implemented and are being accepted - but this is not the end of the project. Clean decommissioning of legacy systems is equally important to achieve cost reductions and avoid so-called 'glazing'.

Use Case: Product Information Management System

A company in the media sector had problems with its product data information system. Despite automation, the source system was feeding the data into the system incorrectly and not reliably - it was not designed for this. The result: employees maintained the product data manually, even though it was available digitally. Furthermore, the data structure was not practicable - this, together with the lack of standardization, hindered the introduction of new business models.

Efficiency, quality, costs and sustainability were the four identified drivers of the project.


The solution: A new product information and management system was introduced. We accompanied the entire implementation process. A particular focus was on defining the future processes (especially data entry and automatic data transfer between systems) and ensuring the standardization and quality of the product data.

Crucial to the success of the project was our ability to effectively collect and link knowledge that was distributed across numerous knowledge carriers. This enabled us to define processes that interlocked smoothly, even across different applications.

The result was a significant cost reduction for the German subsidiary, as numerous manual processes were no longer necessary. The efficient and high-quality data structure offered additional opportunities.

Cost savings - many national companies switched to the new standard, which meant that many legacy systems could be switched off.

In addition, well thought-out data management was the key to unlocking further business opportunities.

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