Digital Business Models


Seize new opportunities, secure competitive advantages.

Digital Business Models

Digital transformation is advancing, and that means changing framework conditions at short intervals. This affects society, industry and technology. The linchpin here is the business model and the value creation processes. In order to react quickly to changing customer demands or to seize digital opportunities through change, a new strategic orientation is needed.

Purple Bird Technology helps companies implement digital and innovative solutions, optimize and develop business models and processes to secure competitive advantages and achieve better results.


Digital Commerce

Customer orientation is a key pillar for adapting to the rapidly changing market. In this context, customer experience, commerce processes and omnichannel strategy are among our expert focal points.

Data Monetization & Business Analytics

Big data is the key to new business models. Data-driven repurposing uses modern platforms, AI, and a strong data foundation to provide deep insights and find the path to greater value.

Digital Products

According to the Federal Statistical Office, more than 80% of the German population buys goods on the Internet. The Internet has thus become the number 1 marketplace. In order to win over buyers for its products, these must be simple and designed to meet customer requirements. A simple digital purchasing process is particularly important. Purple Bird Technology helps its customers take advantage of this opportunity.

Use Case: Digital Commerce

How flaschenpost has developed the area of digital commerce with us.

Drinks and groceries delivered in just 120 minutes - that's the promise with which Flaschenpost has been simplifying customers' lives since 2016.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 151343

The challenge

The Online Shop

flaschenpost is a fast-growing, successful company. A central challenge in FMCG-Market (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is the low margins. The key challenge for successful players is to reduce costs and increase the average basket size.


We identified three key optimization areas:

  • Agile working
  • Digital & simple processes
  • Automation

Solution I

Agile Work

To reduce the cost per feature with the help of a higher development speed, we introduced the agile method SCRUM in two teams. By identifying the technical legacy issues with the greatest impact and eliminating them, we were able to further increase the development speed.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 151646
Screenshot 2023-07-03 151921

The Solution II


With the deployment of our product owner, the B2B business was optimized through extensive automation of the business processes for major customers. These could now handle the ordering process fully automated via ordering systems. This system advantage for major customers gives flaschenpost a strategic competitive edge.

The Solution III

Digital & Simple processes

Together with the customer's development team, we further developed the checkout processes to successfully drive cross-selling and upselling in the checkout area of the online store. The project led to a significant increase in the average shopping cart value.

flaschenpost_case study_Denis ist auf dem Weg

The result

Annual targets exceeded

The joint further development of the B2C business model and the establishment of a competitive advantage for the B2B business model allowed flaschenpost to exceed its ambitious goals.

Agile software development based on SCRUM is now the cornerstone of all development activities at flaschenpost. Thanks to built-up in-house expertise, the company is constantly developing its agile processes. This is one of the keys to being able to quickly implement adaptations to the business model.

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