Digital Leadership


Digital role models transform culture

Digital Leadership

Technological innovations are the answer to the continuing uncertainty and the changing market. Equally important are the employees who work for the company. Successful organizations strengthen and empower their teams, they use the individual potentials and thus create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Digital leadership is made up of the terms "digitization" and "leadership". Digital leaders serve as role models in the company by wisely combining the benefits of digitization with a focus on people. With the courage to try out new things and the ability to learn from missteps, you can support companies as a trainer, consultant, mentor, coach or facilitator.

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Leadership & Digital Culture

Agile organizations are constantly evolving. Above all, leaders who encourage their employees to get creative, share ideas and develop solutions as a team deliver the best results. These role models are digital leaders.

Societal challenges such as the climate crisis, social movements, and the pandemic has created a shift that has changed people's behavior, thinking, and expectations. This also has an impact on the way people live and, above all, work. Companies now have to initiate a change and change the corporate culture with the help of digital leaders.

Purple Bird Technology supports change by having our consultants act as role models in projects and demonstrate how to incorporate digital advantages. With this approach, internal colleagues are empowered to be more daring, try new things and thus develop into Digital Leaders themselves.

Training & Coaching

Employee acceptance is the goal of every transformation project. Here, it is important to address the needs and individual learning types. In addition, the formats must be kept accessible, exciting and practical to avoid barriers.

Purple Bird Technology has many years of expertise in the field of further education, training and coaching and offers its customers project-accompanying formats as well as training & coaching on our main topics, but we are also happy to conceptualize individual requests.

In addition, we support you in the "training of your digitalization team". Here we focus on training in stakeholder management, project management, communication, negotiation management and escalation management. We place a special focus on escalation management, as it is a strong success factor for a successful transformation.

Change Management, Communication & Stakeholder Management

We give serenity - this guiding principle characterizes the way we carry out projects. Here it is important to align the communication plan with the specifics of the company. Parallel to this, project marketing is set up. An important success factor is the communication with key persons - these can be know-how carriers, budget responsible persons, or employees from the management. With these internal communicators, the information and a positive mood can be created in the corporate culture. Purple Bird consultants are specially trained on these aspects and take on the role of change manager or SCRUM master.

Use Case: Digital Leadership

Digitalization pressure due to growth

Our international client from the renewable energy sector is striving for digital transformation.

The challenge

Digitalization pressure


Our client is a rapidly growing company in the field of renewable energies. In the course of the growth, the digitization and professionalization pressure has increased enormously. To counteract this, various global digitization projects were initiated. Through numerous new hires and changes in the top management team, a reorganization of the ongoing digitization projects was initiated.

We identified 4 key areas of focus:

  • Digital Leadership
  • Stakeholder management
  • Training & digital culture
  • Strategic realignment

The Solution I

Digital Leadership

Purple Bird Technology filled the position of interim program manager. One successful change was the intensification of collaboration between the project managers of the individual digitization projects. This ensured that the speed of the projects could be maintained even in the event of vacation or illness. Furthermore, complex issues could be solved in sparring and peak loads could be handled more easily. In addition, the uncertainty of the employees could be greatly reduced with the digital role models.

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The Solution II

Stakeholder Management

In the event of difficulties in the project, employees were able to pass on the issues to our digital leader. Although no decision-making powers were given, the difficulties and problem were successfully solved through negotiations and stakeholder management in the interest of the customer. No escalation chain occurred.

In addition, Purple Bird Technology continued to develop the framework for the digitalization projects so that many conflicts did not arise in the first place.

The Solution III

Training & Digital Culture

Through short and concise training sessions (integrated into the daily routine), observations, regular feedback and clever combination of sparring duos, the quality of delivery increased noticeably and also led to an improvement in team spirit. Through joint development, uncertainties were further reduced and the corporate culture was strengthened in the long term.


The Solution IV

Strategic Realignment

In addition, Purple Bird Technology advised on the strategic alignment of the digitization strategy, the expansion of program management, and the further implementation of personnel development measures.

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