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Our philosophy

We give serenity.

In an increasingly complex world, our clients face new challenges. Digitization creates new opportunities and possibilities, but at the same time implementation is associated with obstacles, resistance and uncertainties. Both the risks and the opportunities can be of a technical and process-related nature - but the human factor is usually more decisive for success.

As a partner, we work together with our clients to find the right and sustainable digital solutions and accompany the implementation not only technically but above all humanly. Our mission is to give our clients composure in transformation projects - even in stormy phases.

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Managing Director & Executive Project and Program Manager


Thomas Maier founded Purple Bird Technology to give clients serenity in projects.

Thomas Maier is an experienced consultant with over 10 years of experience in managing international digitalization projects. As a certified trainer, coach and project management professional, it is particularly important to him to implement solutions that provide employees with relief and more serenity in their daily work.

His focus is on digital leadership with an emphasis on further developing digital culture through training and coaching.

Focusing on the topic of serenity goes back to the various experiences of the most diverse transformation projects. Often the project participants suffered from massive stress, which resulted in sleeplessness, despair, burn-out - the loss of inner peace. The conviction that it can be done differently has been at the center of practice, theory and philosophy ever since.

Our Values

Our core principles in collaboration

Our value orientation shapes our actions.


Target orientation

Concrete results

Clearly defined and concrete goals are the basis of all our projects and this from the very beginning in order to create a real added value for our customers. For this we rely on agile methods, which are set up individually for each project.



Going new ways

For us, courage is the prerequisite for making and implementing the right decisions. Courage is the bridge between a good idea and its implementation in the project - despite risks. It is important for us to act courageously in our projects and to encourage our clients to go new ways.



Sustainable solutions

Our passion is the pursuit of mastery. Thus, we create a strong trust to tackle any challenge together and develop appropriate and sustainable solutions. Our goal is to bring clients to their destination with serenity.



Success for all

The conviction that success is a joint achievement defines our actions in all areas. This means in particular positive interaction, empathy and respect with all people involved in the project. In this way, we do not tear down resistance, but create awareness for all those involved to break it down themselves.

A look behind the scenes

Tradition meets innovation

"A project is a unique undertaking with a defined goal. Achieving this goal requires a joint effort, the necessary technical skills, solution orientation and the courage to do what is necessary. If one has or organizes all these things, one will achieve this goal.

However, the supreme discipline lies in combining these factors in such a way that one not only achieves the project goal, but achieves it with composure. The price of digitization must not be that the people who achieve this change make a disproportionate sacrifice for it - the loss of their inner peace."

Gebrüder Maier

Christian Maier, Associate Partner (l.) & Thomas Maier, Managing Director (r.)

Our cooperation with universities

Lectures, Seminars & Workshops


It is important to us to give students an insight into practice in order to understand and deepen the theory they have learned. On the other hand, young people often ask the right questions and thus provide important impulses as well as innovative ideas.

Purple Bird cooperates with various colleges and universities in the context of guest lectures internships and scientific exchange. Furthermore, we work closely with AIESEC, a student-organized association whose mission is to provide young people with immersive, impactful intercultural exchange experiences.

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