Change communication and learning

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Change communication and learning

Communication is an essential part of all our projects. Successful communication within the team and with partners is always critical to success. In addition, we attach great importance to communication with our target group, regardless of whether they are employees or end customers.

Almost all of our projects also aim to bring about change within the company, which is supported by targeted communication measures. We usually supplement this with an extensive range of training courses, because the best software is of no use if the users do not

  • not know the software,
  • not trust the software,
  • or cannot use them effectively.

Therefore, we addressed these issues early on as part of our role as project managers and have continued to improve our approaches. We offer training and workshops on the topics of all our business areas, especially Microsoft 365, Jive and project management.

Our special quality standards include an education of all our trainers analogous to the trainer education for adult education of the IHK Munich. Our modern moderation methods ensure enthusiasm and sustainable results. This enthusiasm is also reflected in the outstandingly positive feedback from the participants. In addition to top ratings in the feedback forms, we receive a lot of positive feedback.

The best workout I have ever done! (Participant after one of our SharePoint trainings)

Of course, you can also hire us only for the execution of workshops or trainings without combining this with another project. We are also happy to support you with virtual workshops and learning opportunities.

Our consultancy has decided to train the employees analogously to the contents of the professional trainer training of the IHK Munich. We combine this know-how with our consulting experience. All this is the basis for the high quality of our trainings and workshops.


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