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Purple Bird Technology at a glance

Purple Bird Technology is a small, fast-growing consulting firm with a focus on IT consulting and project management. As an owner-managed company, all our employees benefit from short decision-making paths and a great deal of flexibility in their day-to-day work.

We support our customers - medium-sized and large companies including DAX 40 - in mastering the challenges of digitization as well as seizing opportunities. We are active in various business areas, which also offers our employees long-term job variety and opportunities for further development.

Our value orientation - the benefit for our employees

We are looking for people who share our philosophy and values. It is important to us that you remain true to yourself. Because every person has their own personal way of living these values.

Read on to learn more about what makes everyday life with us.

Target orientation

We support not only our customers to achieve their goals, but also our employees. We therefore plan with our employees at an early stage how they would like to develop. We believe that everyone makes the best progress in his or her own personal way. That's why we strive for employee development that is geared to individual personalities rather than typical role models.


We are convinced that success is achieved together. Therefore, fair and good cooperation that also takes individual needs into account is particularly important to us. Even though our consultants are on different projects, we are one team. That's why we're looking for people who are willing to support their colleagues - even if that means taking on tasks that are not part of their core duties. We also strive for mutual success at the customer's site, which enables us to overcome possible conflicts and resistance by balancing interests.


For us, excellence does not mean perfection, but successfully and effectively completing tasks with high quality. That's why we are looking for people who can get to grips with tasks and quickly learn to solve them independently. At the same time, you bring the necessary readiness to pull the chestnuts out of the fire, even on weekends, if necessary. At the same time, you are also aware that too long working hours tend to be a hindrance to a high-quality result. Therefore, we strive not to exceed eight to a maximum of ten working hours per day and weekend work is the absolute exception.

The same excellence we strive for in solving our customers' challenges naturally applies to our leaders. Therefore, we have turned the hierarchy upside down:

Leadership Philosophy

Our leaders don't lead from the top, but carry the responsibility for your team's success on your shoulders. Our employees can rely on their supervisors to be there for them as partners. So problems are not escalated upward, but when the burden becomes too great, they fall downward, where our leaders intercept the problems. This is made possible by our open culture of conversation.

At the same time, you can look forward to a large degree of decision-making freedom, which is also symbolized by the rotation of the management pyramid.

What else is important to us? Diversity !

At Purple Bird Technology, we strive for diversity. We welcome diverse educational and life backgrounds. In addition to traditional IT specialists and people with a degree in business administration, we are specifically looking for other educational backgrounds. We also welcome ambitious career changers.

We welcome employees with diverse interests and personal backgrounds.


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What you can expect from us

  • Exciting projects for top customers
  • Consideration of your individual personality
  • Attractive salary
  • Time flexibility and home office
  • Flat hierarchies and family working environment
  • Good equipment, modern office

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