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Turn-around management for projects

This is the latest business unit we have established due to customer demand for "firefighting" to successfully complete projects. When a successful project conclusion no longer seems possible and time and budget have been exceeded, the fronts often harden and the project team is emotionally exhausted. In most cases, there is also a high degree of complexity at the factual level. If it were easy, the project wouldn't have gotten into trouble in the first place.

In our competence team "ProjectTurn-Around" our best project management experts are working, who are experienced and specialized in this situation

  • avert imminent harm,
  • Restore the operational capability of the team
  • and get the project back on track through restructuring.

Strong nerves and resilience complement project management experience. The knowledge of project management is not limited to the pure "craft", but also focuses on the soft factors to get all stakeholders back on board and get the project back on track.

The turn-around project managers are all consultants at expert level or members of the management team.

In the meantime, customers commission our turn-around specialists for demanding projects right from the start. Especially when projects are very complex or difficult in terms of corporate policy. This reduces risks and ensures a planned approach.

Case Study: Document management system at a medium-sized company

Initial situation

The introduction of a document management system had been running for just under two years. The go-live, which was imminent, failed in the user acceptance test on several attempts. IT Operations, IT Project Management, and Business Units were having significant problems continuing to mobilize the teams as well as find a meaningful solution while running high operational costs and project costs without utilizing the system.

Solution approach

The project was taken over by our managing director as project manager and was rebuilt within 3 months. Following intensive discussions with business units and management, it was also possible to regain the trust of these stakeholders in the project during this phase.

Subsequently, the project was successfully completed in another 10 months.


After completion, the newly set-up project was considered a showcase project in the company and is still the benchmark for IT projects at the customer today.

Improved project management not only enabled the project to be completed successfully, but even resulted in the introduction of a solution that was significantly more efficient and effective than the originally planned solution.


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