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Paperless office

Alongside the digital workplace, the paperless office is currently a very hot topic. Both topics are also often combined into one. We have decided to work on the issues in two closely interlinked business units. While both topics aim to digitize the workplace, the paperless office requires a much greater focus on regulatory requirements, which come primarily from the commercial code and tax law.

The Paperless Office business unit often delivers to the Digital Workplace or Document Management projects. The business unit deals with the digital processing of documents with a special focus on legal requirements and efficiency. Because a project is only successful if the processing is more efficient - not just digital.

This business unit deals with the following topics:

Replacement scanning: The scanning of paper documents as well as the management of the scans and the destruction of the originals as part of the process in compliance with legal requirements.

Digital signatures: The conclusion of binding agreements in accordance with the legal form requirements starting from simple approval workflows up to qualified digital signatures according to eIDAS.

Document management: The audit-proof management of documents (simplified: unchangeable storage). This is now often done in coordination with the Microsoft 365 business unit, but other document management systems are also used here.

Use of mobile devices: Without paper, the importance of tablets, smartphones and convertibles is increasing significantly. Therefore, the consumption of data must also be considered in order to work effectively paperless. This prevents printing again in the final step for consumption.

Reference projects

  • Creation of
    automated workflows for process support
    (e.g. hardware/software orders in the company, processing of guarantees)

  • Cost-effective acceleration
    of internal processes through digital
    approval processes

  • Audit-proof and paperless invoice processing
    for a medium-sized company
  • Paperless handling of board/works council meetings (committee work)

Case Study: Paperless Processing of Documents in the Digital Workplace

The customer

  • Industry: Energy
  • Number of employees: around 2,500

Initial situation

The company wanted to drive digital document management. The goal was to make processes completely paperless. Within the framework of a whole program, various measures had to be realized:

  • Introduction of replacement scanning
  • Digital signatures using Adobe Sign
  • Internal releases via Powerautomate / PowerApps
  • Audit-proof management of documents
  • Consideration of the consumption of the data in the office and mobile work

Solution approach

Purple Bird Technology staff provided project management for all projects as well as technical, regulatory and organizational analysis. In particular, ease of use for the customer's employees also played a major role.

As part of the project management, Purple Bird Technology also provided training and technical implementation of the system.


The customer was able to reduce costs and speed up processes. In addition, improve its visibility to suppliers, applicants and investors.


For really absolutely every company.


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