Digital Workplace and Microsoft 365

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Digital Workplace and Microsoft 365

The visions that Microsoft conveys are inspiring - but the road to the goal is often long and difficult. With Microsoft 365 and Azure, Microsoft now offers a comprehensive solution that serves as the basis for a digital workplace. SharePoint and MS Teams also provide a way to combine the digital workplace with comprehensive document management. In the end, there is no need for an additional document management system if SharePoint is used and configured well.

Purple Bird Technology started out as a specialist for Office 365 (MS Teams, SharePoint, etc.) and has since built up expertise in related Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory and Azure.

Our specialized knowledge enables us to implement the "bread and butter business" (introduction of Office 365, MS Teams, etc.), but also to realize challenging use cases, some of which Microsoft's own consultants were unable to implement.

Reference projects

For example, the following projects have been executed by our consultants:

  • Migration of different platforms to SharePoint
  • Office 365 Migrations
  • Office 365 Roll-outs and usage
  • Roll-out of workflows using PowerAutomate and PowerApps
  • Creation of intranets with SharePoint
  • Finetuning for parallel use of Office 365 and Jive

Case Study: Audit-proof storage based on Office 365

The customer

  • Industry: Energy
  • Number of employees: around 1,500

Initial situation

The company printed all receipts that arrived at the company as e-mails or filed all receipts that arrived at the company as hard copies. This was problematic for several reasons:

  • Such an approach is legally permissible only under very restrictive conditions, which were not met. Thus, like many others, the company ultimately did not have proper accounting.
  • The cost of paper-based processing was high and many tasks were completed once digitally in the systems and once analog on paper.
  • The processes were not as fast as desired because the paper-based processing was sluggish.

Solution approach

Due to cost pressures and the customer's focus on Microsoft 365 technologies, in-house document management was out of the question.

At the same time, however, Microsoft's view at the time of the project was that Microsoft 365 was not audit-proof. Thus, according to the state of the art, a purely digital implementation with Microsoft 365 was not possible.

In the project, our management team provided project management, solution design and supported the implementation using regulatory, technical and organizational expertise.


Instead of the significant additional costs and media disruption of an additional document management system, the customer received an audit-proof repository for Exchange and SharePoint for document management. The result was achieved without additional Microsoft license costs (no E5 licenses) or expensive conversions in operation - only the project costs in which the new configuration was developed and minor conversions in operation had to be paid.

Furthermore, more than 50,000 euros in printing costs per year as well as numerous man-hours could be saved. Thus, the project not only led to process improvements, but also to a reduction in costs.

The implementation was approved by an audit as part of the project and could therefore be used.


Any company looking for a cost-effective solution for audit-proof storage, or needing additional audit-proof storage to store documents outside of standard processes - for example, managing executive records or storing business documents beyond the accounting process.

Case Study: Establishing a Digital Workplace and Document Management System

The customer

Industry: Energy

Number of employees: around 1,000

Initial situation

The company had numerous document storage platforms in use at its various subsidiaries, some of which were based on cloud services or servers at the sites. This led to significant problems in the exchange of work results and considerable costs.

Solution approach

Purple Bird Technology determined that the most viable option was to fully map the system to SharePoint online. Within two years, one legacy solution after another was shut down.

Purple Bird Technology took over the project management, all analysis tasks, the solution design and supported the technical migration.


Employee satisfaction increased significantly and email traffic to send documents decreased significantly. At the same time, the ongoing project financed itself through cost savings. With the completion of the project, the company saved 250,000 euros in operating costs per year (out of a total project cost of 500,000 euros).

Follow-up projects such as the shutdown of additional platforms, the establishment of an intranet, and the paperless office with Office 365 were launched.


Any company that wants to improve its digital workplace could benefit from such a project.


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