Digital business models and processes

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Digital business models and processes

Your chances

In addition to challenges, digitization offers enormous opportunities:

  • Optimization and efficiency enhancement of existing processes through digitization enable the development of additional profit potential. Beyond these immediate financial benefits, there are many other opportunities, such as benefits in risk management, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.
  • New, profitable business models through the digitization of existing business models or - if we go one step further - the development of entirely new sources of revenue.

How we support your success

We help you to successfully seize these opportunities! Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey and want to identify potential or are looking for support for a specific challenge, we are here for you. As project managers, product owners, analysts, etc., we enable your success. Together with our partners, we also take on complete projects: from the idea to the handover to the company. After the handover to the company, we are still there to support you in the continuous development if you wish.

With us, you are equipped to seize both opportunities:

With our expertise in the development of individual software, we are your powerful partner for the digitization of your individual business processes. At the same time, we offer comprehensive consulting on the Digital Workplace and paperless office based on Microsoft 365. More information on this can be found in the relevant business areas.

Our analytical approach combined with the ability to listen and find creative solutions enables the creation of innovative business models. We use a variety of methods, depending on the needs and phase of the project. Examples of methods used depending on the phase:

  • Customer experience design for initial understanding
  • Business CANVAS for the first elaboration of business ideas
  • And SCRUM for the subsequent implementation.

In everything we do, the creation of tangible results is always at the center of our work.

Reference projects

  • Significant increase in customer loyalty as well as Up- and crossSale in online insurance sales through new functions in the customer account on the website
  • Record sales after controlling the campaign of an online insurance distributor with mailing to several million potential customers
  • Cost savings and quality improvement through the introduction of a central product information system for an online store for process automation

Case Study: Multiplication of sales in an online store

The customer

  • Industry: Media
  • Number of employees: over 10,000


The client had built a digital content distribution platform, but it regularly missed revenue and profit targets by a significant margin. The situation was exacerbated by quality problems in IT during the further development of the platform, which resulted in two challenges:

  • Critical software errors that further dragged down sales.
  • A slow development of the online store.

Solution approach

Purple Bird Technology took responsibility as ProductOwner. Our ProductOwner thus decided, in close consultation with the customer, which functions the IT team would develop next for the online store. In addition, our ProductOwner steered the IT team.

Our understanding of the online business proved to be a success factor, which made it possible to identify the critical construction sites of the online store with little analysis effort. Through our expertise in the SCRUM process, these analysis results could be effectively implemented by the development team after the existing development process had been optimized. In the process, the customer's existing team was downsized.


The downsized team led directly to cost savings. Despite the downsizing, there was a significant increase in the quality and speed of IT development due to the new processes.

Profits and sales multiplied within just six months of the project.


Any company that wants to increase the success of its online activities.


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