Decommissioning & Cloud Migration

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Decommissioning and cloud migration

By decommisioning legacy software platforms and migrating existing data to more powerful solutions, we enable cost savings and new business opportunities. As your reliable partner, this is where we excel:

  • Identify existing savings potential
  • Analyze dependencies and requirements without gaps (including existing work-arounds and unofficial processes)
  • Implement the project consistently on time and on budget

Our customers can rely on our full range of services. We also provide technical consulting for solution design and implementation.

Reference projects

  • Shutdown of old intranets
  • Shutdown of old FileServer
  • Shutdown of various document management systems
  • Switch to MS Teams from legacy Messenger services
  • Shut down local servers for OCR and Active Directory and replace with cloud solutions.


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Case Study

The customer

  • Industry: eCommerce
  • Number of employees: around 12,000

Initial situation

The customer stored the product information for the online store in a central product information system. Three challenges emerged:

Quality:The existing product information system had poor data structure and quality. Some of the product information was imported automatically, but this was prone to errors. The source system was not designed to do this reliably. The mass of product information was entered manually from various sources, although the data was already available digitally. There was no quality assurance process in place.

Efficiency: Online stores in different countries use different product information systems, which caused more costs than necessary.

Future viability: The data structure and lack of standardization hindered the introduction of new business models because the data required for this was not available in the necessary structure. In addition, the product information system used did not have the necessary functions for automation.

Solution approach

Together with the customer, a future-proof software solution for the management of product information was selected. In order to achieve real added value through the new solution, the existing processes were completely revised, with a particular focus on the introduction of quality management. The coordination of the processes closely involved subject matter experts as well as the owners of applications that stored information about the products. This ensured the support of the relevant stakeholders and a high quality of the new processes.

In addition, a better data structure was defined for the new product information system, which, however, took the existing structure into account to enable migration of the extensive inventory data.


The result was a completely new concept for the processes, which was supported by all relevant stakeholders. With this concept, the three existing challenges could be solved. Purple Bird Technology supported the initialization of the project, which the customer continued with its own resources.


Such projects are relevant for all companies that have large amounts of data. While in this case it was product data, we have of course done similar projects with other data and platforms, such as customer data.