Our philosophy

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Our philosophy and mission

In an increasingly complex world, our customers turn to modern information technology in search of solutions to achieve great things. The associated challenges of digitization harbor risks, conundrums and often uncertainty among the people associated with the company: Employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders.

As a partner, we solve our customers' most pressing challenges and advise on digital transformation. In this way, we give our customers a measure of serenity - even in tough times. Because just as fish swim and birds fly, it is the nature of Bird Technology to lead people to shared, tangible success as well as solve the trickiest puzzles. In doing so, we strive for mastery. What we do is our passion. This is how we bring our customers one step forward with every project.

Our Values

Goal orientation: Concrete results

Clearly defined, concrete goals are the basis of all our projects. In doing so, we aim to realize real added value for our customers as early as possible - if possible when the first milestone is reached and not just at the end of the project. For this purpose, we also rely on agile methods such as SCRUM.

Community: Success for All

The conviction that success is a joint achievement defines our actions. In day-to-day consulting, this is expressed in particular in empathy and positive interaction with all stakeholders. In this way, we do not break down resistance, but create awareness among all those involved to break it down themselves. In this way, we enable joint success and consistently drive project interests forward.

Excellence: Sustainable solutions

Our passion and pursuit of mastery is the foundation for our third corporate value: excellence. Our goal is to make our customers fans of our company. In other words, to people who seek our advice because they have complete confidence that we will achieve what is possible regardless of how great the challenge. In doing so, we constantly challenge the limits of what seems possible.

Company History

Thomas Maier worked as an employed consultant for several years before he started his own business as a freelancer. The desire to advise his clients independently as a freelancer arose from the conviction that today's challenges require a new consulting philosophy. During this time, the company's philosophy evolved, as well as the values that characterize Purple Bird Technology. In January 2020, Thomas Maier founded Purple Bird Technology GmbH and hired the first employees. The new organization of consulting activities created the conditions for further growth.

Today, Purple Bird Technology GmbH is a small, exclusive consulting firm with a special focus on the insurance industry as well as the e-commerce sector. The company's strong network enables it to take on major projects. Purple Bird Technology's satisfied customers include successful medium-sized companies as well as DAX and Fortune 500 companies.


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