Welcome to Purple Bird Technology!

“Every contact we have with our customers impacts whether they come back or not. We have to be great every time or we will lose them.” (Kevin Stirtz, author)

For us, you and your projects are our top priority – your concerns are our concerns. Your successes are our successes. We don’t just hear you, we listen to you. Our Purple Bird consulting team’s years of experience in IT are top-notch. Here we combine know-how from IT, project management and communication. Our consultants come from a variety of industries: they have worked for Microsoft, large e-commerce companies, and in the communications strategy field, among others.

We have the ambition to be great every time, for that we bring full effort, because we want you to be satisfied. We achieve this by combining technical expertise, creative approaches to solutions and good cooperation with all project partners.

What the Purple Birds offer you